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I’m your friendly Administrator!
Here are a few of the titles I have held:
Controls Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Controls Technician, Industrial Electrician, Aviation Electricians Mate, (Navy), PLC Programmer, Robotics Technician, and Electronics Technician.
I am very familiar with “Most Things Electrical” in the Industrial realm.

Disclaimer- I am not a professional blogger so writing these articles is something new for me. I apologize for any grammatical errors I might make, but rest assured what you see here is a reflection on my own personal experiences and not just copied from elsewhere.

I try to write interesting articles to read and look forward to information exchanges in the comment section, also if anyone in this line of work( or anyone else) wishes to contribute by sharing personal experience in a post, please let me know.
If anybody has questions about my articles or Electrical in general, I am more than happy to help to the best of my abilities.
This area is my Life’s passion.




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